When contacting me, please include in your message:


- your full name

- age

- a brief description of yourself!  

- what social interactions you regularly have and how you protect yourself from COVID-19*

- when/for how long you'd like to meet

- incall or outcall requirements

- a reference from another companion you've seen recently and adore.❤️ 

*Due to COVID-19, it's important you disclose to me how high-risk it is for us to meet.  I may be more likely to see a client who lives alone/is younger vs. a client who lives with others/immunocompromised, etc., to minimize risk.  I reserve the right to refuse an appointment at my discretion based on any of this information.

If you do not have a reference, I will generally ask for GOVT ID or concise work information, at my discretion.  These are speedier options for screening and if adhered to, yield extremely positive results between you and me :)


Please be respectful and articulate and I will give you nothing but respect back.






xo LL

"Soon, very soon...love you 'til then..." - Bjork

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